The Go-To Guide For Insuring Your Boat

The majority of companies supply minimal coverage for home damage for little boats such as canoes and small sail boats or little power boats with less than 25 miles per hour horse power under a homeowners or tenants insurance coverage. Coverage is about $1,000 or 10 percent of the home’s insured value and normally includes the boat, motor and trailer combined. Liability coverage is usually not included, but it can be included as an endorsement to a homeowners policy. Consult your insurance representative to discover if your boat is covered and what the limits are.

Larger faster boats such as yachts and individual boats such as jet skis and wave runners require a different boat insurance plan. The size, type as well as the value of the craft and the water in which you utilize it factor into just how much you will spend for insurance coverage.

For physical loss or damage, coverage consists of the hull, equipment, fittings, home furnishings and permanently connected equipment as part of either an actual cash value policy or on an agreed quantity value basis. These policies likewise offer broader liability defense than a homeowners policy. But there are distinct distinctions between the two kinds of policies.

  • Actual Cash Value policies spend for replacement costs less devaluation at the time of the loss. If you endure a total loss, used boat prices guides and other resources are used to figure out the vessel’s approximate market value. Partial losses are settled by taking the overall cost of the repair less a percentage for depreciation.
  • Agreed Amount Value basis policies imply that you and your insurer have settled on the value of your vessel and in a case of a total loss you will be paid that amount. Agreed Amount Value policies also change old products for new in the event of a partial loss, with no reduction for devaluation.
  • Physical damage exclusions can include normal wear and tear, damage resulting from bugs, mold, animals (such as sharks), zebra mussels, faulty equipment or equipment damage.
  • Bodily injury– for injuries triggered to another individual
    Residential or commercial property damage– for damage caused to somebody else’s residential or commercial property
  • Visitor passenger liability– for any legal costs sustained by someone using the boat with the owner’s approval
  • Medical payments– for injuries to the boat owner and other passengers
  • Theft – The majority of business use liability limits that begin at $15,000 and can be increased to $300,000. Typical policies consist of deductibles of $250 for home damage, $500 for theft and $1000 for medical payments. Greater limits might be readily available. Additional insurance coverage can be purchased for trailers and other devices. Boat owners may likewise consider purchasing an umbrella liability policy which will offer extra security for their boat, home, as well as a car.

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How to Buy a Pre-owned Boat

How…Listen Up!

The For Sale By Owner(FSBO)Market…This is the suckers market…My experience both as broker and surveyor found that…the market is generated by ignorance and greed surprisingly on the part of the prospective buyer…In general, a better-maintained boat and a better financial result can be found through the brokerage community… WHY?…Since the great majority of boats are plastic (longevity)…the supply exceeds the demand side by a considerable margin…”Take advantage of it”…I’ve seen some real turkeys in the (FSBO) market “ready for the rookie bargain hunter”.

Is boat insurance required in South Carolina?… People always overlook this, BUT YOU NEED INSURANCE. Think about the cost of this BEFORE you buy your boat and not after. Be sure to budget for this. Here’s a great place to get a quote if you are looking for cheap insurance in SC or more specifically, insurance in Greenville SC.

Dealing with the Brokerage Community…You’re the Captain…your crew…Broker, Surveyor, Banker, Insurance Underwriter….”A good Captain knows how to run his crew”.


How to run your crew… Broker…You only put one man on the wheel at a time…get a broker and stick to it…if you don’t like the job he’s doing fire him and get a replacement…only one helmsman at a time…and have a little patience…”If you play games in this area…you’re heading for rough waters”…now you set up a situation where the broker is not working for you but for himself…That’s poor bridge management. Surveyor…You’re paying him up front…so get a top hand who knows there are three sides to a coin…even willing to turn too on a sea trial… or you may wind up with a laundry list of “BS” not appreciated by the other crew members…Banker and Insurance Underwriter…You’re always being sized by the crew… These two can be tough at times to handle.

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