Marine Engines A to Z

engineWhat does an engine and a good cup of coffee have in common? It might enable me to convey a lot about engines in a minimum amount of space…There are several good books written about engines; but, they have the luxury of space and time from a devoted reader. Some readers tire in the details early on, not having a simple true conceptual understanding of the engine itself.…Seriously, I think if you start at the back and work forward with a few of the books that I have read, they would be more comprehensible particularly to the initiate. My intention initially is to give you enough solid information to go to a boat show, talk intelligently to the engine representative and make informed engine comparisons. When you finish scrolling this link, you should have an understanding of how marine engines work, be able to diagnose problems, the confidence to make your own repairs and the enthusiasm to dig deeper and learn more. Learning about engines is a way of thinking. Halfway through, what might appear to be a digression, is purposeful. I found, in myself, as a navel architect, when one becomes creatively involved and aware, necessity becomes the mother of invention. That’s how engine systems evolved. …That’s the focus of this link. Leading you through the logical process, it’s hopefully intended by the end of the link, that you’ll know engines A to Z. Besides, women love men who know engines. Just ask my good friend Corina, a South Carolina state insurance agent. “You always make Lovin Fun for this sailor…Doll”.

Let’s go to Starbuck’s…get a virtual cup of coffee and begin with basic principles.

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